SUECOSanPROSERO aims to be a winning company in the grape must sector, ensuring the quality and safety of products, with the full satisfaction of the expectations of the customer and other involved parties, as well as the consolidation of the company’s reputation on the market.

In particular, we ensure:

• Full compliance with health and product safety laws through a correct assessment and management of hygienic-sanitary, sabotage and fraud risks;
• coping any sector alerts effectively, through the monitoring of emerging dangers, the assessment of risks, and the definition of rules / communications on the matter, to then be used for the growth of the supply chain and the sector;
• The pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction as a “passport” for the future;
• The healthiness of the environments in which ore products are made;
• The safety of the processes implemented for production, both from the point of view of the product and from the point of view of the operators;
• The correct management of eventual non-conformities in order to avoid any possible damage to customers and improve company performances;
• a production process focused on the goal of the lowest possible environmental impact, along with the adoption of internal policies aimed at safeguarding and respecting the environment and promoting sustainable development;
• Maximum collaboration and partnership with customers, suppliers and Authorities;
• Pursuit of the continuous improvement of the activities trying to increase their effectiveness and efficiency so as to have the right economic advantage;
• Respect for human rights in general, the guarantee of equal opportunities and the fight against any type of discrimination or exclusion with regard to age, culture, ethnicity, nationality, religious belief, race, political opinion, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, identity and/or expression of gender, health or disability;
• The refusal of child labor.

The General Management believes that, by adopting recognized behaviours and processing standards, we are equipped with management tools capable of making us achieve our objectives. For this reason, it has decided to adopt the quality management system according to the spirit of ISO9000 and ISO22000 along with FSSC 22000.
The G. M. undertakes to periodically re-evaluate the evolution of the external and internal context, in order to evaluate changes, new risks and opportunities as well as to re-evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the system rules, also through the use of performance indicators.

This policy is periodically reviewed to adapt it to the market, to the socio-economic-regulatory context and to the wishes of the corporate property.

The policy is released to all staff and stakeholders.