SUECOSanPROSPERO was born from the merger of SUeCO based in Faenza (RA) and Vinicola San Prospero located in Imola (BO).

The history and know-how resulted in one of the most important companies in the grape derivatives sector.

Cutting-edge systems and technologies make SUECOSanPROSPERO a reference point in its field, proposing itself as a leader in the supply chain from grapes to the finished product.

With its two production sites, SUECOSanPROSPERO offers a wide range of products for Italian and international customers in the various formats and packaging required.

Technologically advanced systems and processing methods, combined with the control of production parameters at every stage of the process, make SUECOSanPROSPERO the ideal partner for wineries and food industries that intend to obtain safe products of high and constant quality.

Our strength is the ability to combine the considerable production capacity, supported by the efficiency of the plants, with the flexibility and direct dialogue necessary to meet the needs of our partners.